Saga Mountain Workshop


Located in the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Georgia

Current Stock Levels and Custom Orders

I currently do not have any items listed for sale on the site.  I am happy to talk to you about exactly what you want and can custom make something for you.  I can be reached at, so please e-mail me!

Old Is New Again

Everyone has a story.  Stories are the part of us that live on long after we’re gone.  The same can be said for the things around us.  They, too, were part of the story.  The thing is, they can’t share their story on their own.  So, we’re here to help.  That’s why we try to reclaim wood and materials with real history and turn them into something beautiful that will tell their story for generations to come.  Whether it be a documented story or one only told with its looks.  Old is beautiful.  Old is new again.

Made in the Saga Mountain Workshop:

Meet Kurt:

Kurt Damron started Saga Mountain Workshop out of a passion for creating heirloom quality original works of art from sustainably sourced and reclaimed wood and up-cycled, recycled and salvaged materials.  Kurt does his best to make sure that you know the story behind every piece of material that goes into making one of our works of art.  Whether it be a 150 year old hand hewn beam or wood salvaged from an old beat up shipping pallet, Kurt knows that there is beauty to be found in materials that most people would look at with disdain.

He revels in the fact that he can make a piece that will make people think twice about something that once was old, but now is new again.   Kurt learned this as he and his brother helped his father grow $400 into a multi-million dollar chain of paint and body shops.  They did this by restoring people’s pride of ownership of their tattered and faded automobiles.  Their slogan was “Love Your Car Again!”  Although Kurt used his passion for helping people and his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, he has always enjoyed working with his hands.  His most recent personal journey has been moving into and restoring a log cabin that is over 150 years old.